We have very little information on the build and maintenance history of the boat apart from a few old receipts.

As we find out more, this page will be updated (last: 27 March 2019).

Pre-our purchase

Year Description
2017 Replace Irma-blown items: RIB motor (RIB was blown away but recovered; new Tohatsu 9.8), Radar (new Garmin Fantom)
Dec 2017 One month renovation in Guadeloupe, overseen by one of the people who knows the boat well, Marc Fazilleau.
No major changes were made.
Structures were checked.
Hull and rudder : watertight, electrolyse check and new protection, underwater lights, new paint job.
Motor: disassemble of all peripherals, replacement or rebuilding where needed.
Systems: check of navigation systems and completion (AVIS, safety equipment..).
Plumbing: replacement of all flexible, pumps etc.
This renovation was extensive concentrating on safety and improvements for solo navigation.
Both engines fittings, filters, silent blocks and batteries were changed.
2018 Two engine oil changes have been made or once every 200 hours.
Idem for the generator that was removed then refitted after service.
The watermaker has new filters too (and very little use).
2018 at purchase New bottom paint.
Rear underwater lights removed from anode collocation (as per surveyor).