Power catamaran choices (part 2)

Continuing on from Part 1… except this time I’m not giving comments on suitability. Merely that these are the boats we looked at online. Essentially they were either too expensive, too wide, not ocean-going, or all three!

There’s lots of brands I looked at, from all over the globe…

Fountaine Pajot MY37

  • Image result for my37

Fountaine Pajot Cumberland 44

  • Image result for cumberland 44

Fountaine Pajot Summerland 40

  • Image result for summerland 40

Leopard 37

  • Image result for leopard 37

Leopard 51

  • Image result for leopard 51

Argus E35

  • Image result for argus e35

Solar Pacific Cruiser

  • Image result for solar pacific cruiser

Aspen C120

  • Image result for aspen c120

Woods Skoota 36

  • Image result for woods skoota 36

Endeavourcat 40

  • Image result for endeavourcat 44

Fusion 40

  • Image result for fusion 40

Schionning Prowler 1360

  • prowler, 1360, catamaran, power, for sale, buy, plans, kit, build, 2016, new, schionning, designs

Roger Hill 10.4 Alloy Cat

  • Roger Hill Yacht Design

Chamberlin 10m

  • Image result for woods skoota 36


  • Image result for hk40 catamaran

Aquila 38

  • Image result for aquila 38

Aventure 50

  • Image result for aventure 50

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