We are in process to re-flagging the boat to Australian, which will also involve a renaming.

Names we are considering are:

  • Blue platypus:
    The platypus is Australian only, is rare (like our boat!), is not the most beautiful looking (and was considered a hoax when the first specimen reached Europe in 1799 – “It naturally excites the idea of some deceptive preparation by artificial means” which in clear English means “I think it’s a load of xxxx”). A freshwater monotreme, we could add the “blue” to characterise an oceanic flavour.
  • PlatypuSea:
    Similar to above, but with the ocean represented by “Sea”, and playing on the 007 Octopussy film for fun.
  • Blue emu:
    Symbolically, the Emu is a flightless bird (a power boat), has two legs (catamaran), lays blue eggs (a redundant blue?), is fast (well, perhaps us ).
    Written as the alternate Blue mu, the mu refers to the Egyptian and Phoenician word for water, in chemistry it relates to a bridging ligand which connects two metal centers (did I mention catamaran? Oh, and it’s an aluminium catamaran…), and of course I’m not asking anything in this sentence because the answer would also be mu (see references in Buddhism, Gödel, Escher, Bach, etc.).

Please leave us any thoughts on these names!

While we’re waiting, there are also some new photos of the boat.

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