Ligure 50 facts and figures

Here are some facts and figures about the Ligure 50 power catamaran



Vessel name Blue Platypus OR PlatypuSea –
yet to be decided!
Was Saravai III, was Jnet
Builder ProMeta, France
Designer Michel Joubert, France, imagined with Joseph Fricaud, France
Built 1998 Was built as the first of a new class to compete with the new (at the time) Foutaine Pajot Maryland 37, Jeantot Transcat 445, and Catana World Class 46
Construction Aluminium 12mm hulls, 6mm deck, using the proprietary Strongall® method
LOA 15.08m / 49’6″ Note that as-built she was 14.95m / 49’1″
LWL 14.65m / 48’1″ About 0.4m / 1′ less than overall
BOA 4.88m / 16′ Under the Freycinet size for most French canals
BWL 1.19m / 3’11” As measured at half wet load (fuel & water).
Draft 1.15m / 3’9″ As measured at half wet load (fuel & water) in salt water; 1.18m in fresh water. Dry she would be 1.10m.
L/B ratio 12.3 : 1
Est. TPC 0.30 tonnes/cm Tonnes per cm immersion
D/L ratio 130.4 See this
Maximum S/L ratio 1.81 See this
Hull speed theory at max. S/L ratio 12.7kn
Hull speed theory 1.34 9.3kn
Est. Displacement at marks 16.5 tonne (36,500lb) dry
20 tonne wet (fuel & water)
Air height to top of radar 6.1m / 20’1″ Measured at half wet load (fuel and water)
Air height to top of flybridge control panel 4.2m / 13’9″ Measured at half wet load (fuel and water), if targa removed
Water capacity 500L (2 x 250L)  / 132g
Fuel capacity 2,360L (980L, 980L, 400L) / 622g
+ soft tanks 2,500L (1,000L, 750L, 750L) / 658g
= 4,860L / 1279g
All diesel and water storage is under the bridgedeck.
Range 1,840nm @ 6kn
864nm @ 11knWith extra tankage already available on the boat:
3,650nm @ 6kn
1730nm @ 11kn
 Includes 10% buffer
Engines 2 x 135hp Perkins
with Hurth 450A2 gearbox
Naturally aspirated; limited to 2400rpm;
2.03:1 gearbox
Propellers 2 x 4 blade France Helice
22″ x 18″
37mm shaft;
65% efficient propellers
Generator Onan 6.5kW 1500rpm

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